The Moroccan Hammam popularly known as “ Hamam Maghrabi” is a tradition spread across the Middle eastern countries.
Moroccan Hammam begins with a perfect warm salt bath. The therapist will cover your body with black soap while you relaxes in the steam room. Once your body gets accustomed to the steam, the body pores begin to open. The black soap begins to work its magic in few minutes, and you will be rinsed again . Using a specific technique to remove dead skin, the therapist will scrub your body with a handmade exfoliating glove called Kessa. Once the vigorous scrubbing is finished, Argan Oil and natural Ghassoul clay will be applied through out the body followed with rejuvenating body massage

The primary benefit of hammam is that it cleans your pores of impurities and sloughs off dead skin. This reveals the fresh smoother skin beneath, and the increase in blood flow from the massage aspect will give you a healthy glow.

Other benefits of hammam include:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Respiratory benefits
  • And of course it’s also a rejuvenating experience, leaving you feeling refreshed inside and out.